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Posted 1/25/2011

Boxer, Feinstein call for chromium limit

California's U.S. Senators have introduced a bill that would require the federal Environmental Protection Agency to set limits on the amount of hexavalent chromium in drinking water.

Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, both Democrats, introduced the bill Tuesday. It would require the EPA, within one year of the bill's passage, to set a limit on the amount of hexavalent chromium or chromium 6 - a chemical thought to cause cancer - in drinking water.

"There is no place for dangerous cancer-causing substances in our drinking water," Boxer said in a statement Wednesday. "This bill is a major step forward in ensuring that children in California, and across the country, are protected from toxic chemicals, such as chromium 6, in the drinking water supply."

Full story here.


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