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What Does It Mean to be Recertified?

A certification title is valid for three years. Regardless of the month in which  a person certified, the certification title is valid until September 30, three calendar years later. For example, certification for anyone certified in 2011 is valid until September 30, 2014.

To uphold the standards of the industry and to ensure that certified persons keep up with current technology so that they can effectively serve the public, mandatory continuing education requirements for recertification have been established. Certified persons are required to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits in order to be recertified. Payment of a recertification fee is also required.

Failure to meet recertification requirements within the 3 year cycle will result in loss of certification. Individuals who have lost their certification are no longer allowed to use the WQA certified title or the certified logo on any personal or company printed materials or advertising.

If a certified person allows his/her certification to lapse or expire either for lack of credits or for nonpayment of the renewal fee, he/she is considered no longer certified.


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