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WQA Operational Structure: Committees, Task Forces and Sections

WQA's members are its lifeblood — without member involvement there would be no WQA. WQA is the nerve center, the brains, and the heart and soul of the entire industry. We owe it to ourselves to contribute our thoughts and our time to improve the industry that gives us all so much.

There are many ways you can contribute to—and profoundly influence — the work of WQA in the operational structure system as outlined below.

The major supervisory committees will organize and supervise the work of the Task Forces. They are: Government Relations Committee, Marketing and Membership Committee, Member Professional Development Committee, Nominating Committee, Water Quality Research Foundation, and the Water Sciences Committee.

Task Forces
The Board has several working units called Task Forces. The size of each Task Force is limited to 8–10 members with rotating term limits. Members will serve on the Task Force for one- or two-year terms, so members’ terms don’t all expire at the same time. Current Task Forces include: Commercial Education Task Force, Convention Task Force, Industrial Education Task Force, International Dues Task Force, International Standards & Regulations Task Force, Membership Marketing Task Force, Residential Education Task Force, Salinity Task Force, Septic Tank Task Force, and the WQA Gold Seal Product Certification Forum.

Sections are the association’s drivers. A Section meeting is open to all members in that line of business. Members in each Section will identify the key issues of concern to their own Section. Each of the Sections will then report to the Board of Directors and Governors, where their issues and priorities will be carefully studied along with those of the other sections. The Boards will create the association’s budget and then allocate resources to essential industry priorities. Sections are: Industrial, Dealer, International, Manufacturer, and Retail Channel.

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