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WQA sponsors first US international program on decentralized systems
Posted 1/8/2007

The Water Quality Association has signed-on to sponsor Water for All Life: A Distributed Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future. The March 10-14, 2007, program in Baltimore, Maryland will address integrating decentralized technology and systems with watershed management to achieve sustainability. The program runs in conjunction with the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) 16th Annual Technical Education Conference and Exposition. Also sponsoring the event are the International Water Association (IWA) and the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF). For more details, visit www.waterforalllife.org.

Fraud Alert: Complicated shipping scams target water treatment dealers
Posted 12/15/06

Staff at the Water Quality Association (WQA) was recently alerted to various complex scams targeting water treatment dealers. Both involve fraudulent use of credit cards and overseas shipping. Culligan is now warning of attempts to defraud water treatment dealers, well drillers, and pump installers. In these scams, persons have attempted to purchase reverse osmosis equipment and pumps using stolen credit cards. For full details on these scams as well as tips for avoiding credit card fraud, see our December 15, 2006, Web article.

WHO releases long-awaited report on calcium/magnesium
Posted 12/15/2006

After a lengthy review period, the World Health Organization (WHO) released their report on calcium and magnesium in drinking water in late November 2006. While the report does recommend changes for the point-of-use (POU)/point-of-entry (POE) industry, recommendations have been significantly scaled back from what was discussed during an April 2006 symposium on the issue. For full details, see the article in our December 2006 issue of WQA Industry Update.

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