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Achieving WQA Professional Certification

To achieve any WQA-certified title (CWS, CI, CSR), a person must pass a comprehensive exam and agree to abide by the WQA Code of Ethics for the Water Quality Improvement Industry.

Who can become WQA-certified?
WQA's program tests and certifies only individuals, not dealerships or companies. WQA membership is not required for certification.

How do I prepare for a WQA certification exam?
Most people prepare for exams through self study. A minimum of six weeks is recommended for preparation. Experience in the field Click here for a list of suggested study materials for the exams. Multi-media supplementary materials are also available.

Where can I take a WQA certification exam?
Go to the Upcoming Exams page for more information, including exam pricing and guidelines.


Questions? Contact the WQA Professional Certification coordinator at 630 505 0160, or via email.

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