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About India Task Force

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The Water Quality Association's India Task Force was established in 2007 to assist WQA Member Companies located in India with local needs and issues. The Task Force is working on a number of issues to benefit member companies throughout India. Meetings are held twice a year throughout India and all WQA members are welcome to attend. Below is a brief list outlining some of the initiatives:

1 Promote WQA membership throughout India
2 Develop and promote WQA's Professional Certification Program for individuals in India
3 Promote third party product testing and certification through WQA's Gold Seal Program
4 Protect WQA's registered Membership logo and Gold Seal logo to prevent their misuse
5 Develop a product testing standard for the India Market
6 Develop a Public Relation's (PR) campaign to educate companies, regulators, and consumers about WQA

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The Power of Membership
  • Technical Support
  • Product Certification
  • Professional Certification
  • Marketplace Protection
  • Credibility
  • Education
  • Networking
  • Meeting North American & Global Industry Leaders


WQA India Task Force members can send an email to our experts to answer a widerange of questions - this is a valuable tool when you are searching for quick, accurate information on the water treatment industry.

For further information contact:
WQA's Independent India Operations Representative
Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Ph.D

Mobile: +91 97396 70392 or 91-9582144875