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The 9th India Task Force Meeting will be in August 2012. Check back for more details!


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The following individual’s earned their title as a Certified Water Specialist:

Govind Bommi, CWS-I - Filterx Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sreenath, CWS-I - Filterx Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Siddhi S. Raul, CWS-I - Hindustan Unilever Limited

Richa A. Pugalia, CWS-I - Hindustan Unilever Limited

Amit Gambhir, CWS-I - Pentair Water India

Udhayasuriyan M.D., CWS-I - Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd.

Jagdish Agrawal, CWS-I - Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd.

Abhishake Deshraji, CWS-I - Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd.

Yogesh Gautam, CWS-I - Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd.

Sheetal Kumar, CWS-I - Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd.

Mukthesh Pathi, CWS-I - Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd.

Arvind S. Patil, CWS-I - Pentair Water India Pvt. Ltd.

K.M. Jonson, CWS-I - Eureka Forbes Limited

Kalyan Bhattacharga, CWS-I - Eureka Forbes Limited

Anil M.R. Kumar, CWS-I - Eureka Forbes Limited

Renu V. Saraf, CWS-I - Ion Exchange Limited

Tatyasaheb U. Gaikwad, CWS-I - Ion Exchange Limited


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The WQA Professional Certification program was started in 1977 and over three decades thousands of individuals working in water treatment companies world-wide have been certified. WQA professional certification programme is highly useful to individuals involved in sales, design, specification, service, and installation of water treatment technologies. This programme helps consumers and employers to identify individuals in the point-of-use/point-of-entry water quality improvement industry who have demonstrated a certified level of professional expertise and are dedicated to high professional standards.

You can be a CERTIFIED WATER SPECILAIST (CWS-I) by purchasing your study materials and attending the training class.

Members and non-members can purchase their CWS-I study materials by contacting Dr. K. Chandrasekhar at 91-9582144875 or

Fee for CWS-I books are:

Members: Rs. 7000

Non-members: Rs. 10000


To achieve WQA-Certified Title (CWS), a person must pass a lengthy exam and agree to abide by the WQA Code of Ethics for the Water Quality Improvement Industry.

To find out more about the WQA Professional Certification Books & Examination fee, click on the link below and fill out the Application Form with the required information.


Application for Professional Certification India Program

Professional Certification Brochure-India Program Program


To learn more about the program visit us on our website: