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Webinar 5: Convert the Service Call into Additional Business
Presented September 23, 2010 Presenter: David P. Scurlock, Direct Professional Services, Inc.

  • Questions asked during the webinar

    Q1: Comment:That is an excellent question, John. Let me just share with you what I’ve seen with other organizations that I’ve worked with and certainly out there in the audience there might be some ideas.
    I think first of all it, we don’t want to frighten people, but between job security and the helping the company grow, I think is important, and obviously in today’s environment everyone is concerned about making sure they’re taking care of their family and that they have a job. So I think that nowadays hourly employees and traditional technicians are more sensitive and aware of that.
    Number two is if they’re even an hourly associate – if there’s some type of incentive that can be incorporated or included in that. And again that is a local business decision. That could be a whole separate conversation but certainly in the back of their mind is: What’s in it for me is beyond the job security.
    Then the a third thingthat I would say again as an hourly associate, they are under that pressure to get in get it resolved fix it and get on to the next call. I think getting them to understand that they’re doing this as part of the service call and as part of the service process, not in addition to their service call, can help. And then giving them the skills.
    Sharing this presentation with them and doing it in a safe environment. Again I think technicians are very proud of their skills and the knowledge that they have and that’s the reason they do that to put it on display. So if they’re asked to do something they’re maybe a little uncomfortable with, they may not want to admit it, so they may resist. So I think practicing and perhaps even pairing them with another service technicians or sales professionals that are fairly skilled at it can help as well. So I think it’s the combination of those three things, but there may be some things that, there’s other individuals managers, service managers out there on the call today that have incorporated that I haven’t mentioned that may like to share with John as well. So I turn that back to the group.
    You can reach out to other members of WQA.

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