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The Water Quality Association’s Professional Certification Logo Policy

Improve your marketability and the credibility of yourself and your business by letting customers know you are a WQA certified water professional; proudly display the logo(s) for the WQA certification(s) you currently have achieved. Your WQA certification(s), and proper use of the corresponding certification logo(s), indicate your dedication to improving your technical knowledge and abilities, as well as your high regard and acceptance of the Water Quality Improvement Industry Code of Ethics.

To maintain the integrity of the WQA Certification Logos, WQA has created a policy governing the appropriate uses of the WQA marks. Please read this policy carefully as it contains information that protects you and the Water Quality Association from the dangers of logo misuse. By following the guidelines below, you will help us preserve and protect the integrity and prestige of the WQA Certification Logos. Any deviation from these guidelines for the use of the Certification Logos has the potential to cause confusion and injure the reputation of the Water Quality Association.

This logo use policy details the requirements for logo use and placement in any printed, electronic, or other media (including business cards, letterhead, advertisements, and Web sites).

Who CAN use the WQA Certification Logo?

  • Individuals holding a currently-valid WQA certification for which a logo is used or displayed
  • Companies employing one or more individuals who hold currently-valid WQA certifications for which a logo is displayed

Who CANNOT use the WQA Certification Logo?

  • Individuals who are not certified by WQA
  • Anyone who has been decertified by WQA for any reason

How SHOULD the WQA Certification Logos be used?

  • The WQA Certification Logos all consist of both an image, text, and the ® or other trademark symbol
  • These three components must be displayed together to convey WQA certification status
  • The logos must always be displayed in their original format; no variations of the logos are allowed at any time

At WQA’s request, you shall submit, for WQA’s approval, samples of promotional materials which incorporate the WQA Certification Logos to ensure compliance with this policy.

What Happens if you Violate this Policy? In the event these guidelines are violated, WQA retains the right to direct the user to cease use of the WQA Certification logo(s), and may sue to enjoin misuse by any user, whether WQA certified or not, member or nonmember of the association, to recover actual and punitive damages. It is the right of WQA to determine whether these guidelines have been violated or whether the WQA Certification logo(s) have been misused.

WQA reserves the right to update this policy.

For additional information regarding logo use or questions about this policy, please contact WQA at 630 505 0160.


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