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Monthly Highlights of WQA Educational Materials

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November 2009

Water Quality 101 DVD Course

Highly praised, excellent introduction to water quality concerns and treatment technologies for new and/or non-technical employees.

Anyone interacting with customers in a water treatment business should be able to speak the language of the industry, at least at a basic level. Business owners who’ve used the Water Quality 101 course say they’ve made it a mandatory first training step for all employees.

The course includes the 40 minute Water Quality 101 DVD and workbook to reinforce the concepts, and a course quiz to check understanding. A “Certificate of Completion” is issued by WQA to everyone who passes the quiz.

For a list of topics covered in the course, click here.

July 2009

The Battelle Softener Study results are coming. Are you up on ion exchange theory enough to understand the results and explain the impact to your customers?

Review the ion exchange process and service and regeneration cycles in less than an hour with WQA’s Basic Water Softening DVD (great for beginners) or Cation Resin Technology DVD (function, components, and key terms).

Each DVD uses easy-to-follow graphics, helping to visualize and understand the abstract concepts of ion exchange theory and the service/regeneration processes. The included workbook spotlights key concepts and provides self-assessment.

The DVD/Workboook kits are available at the great low price of $25 each for WQA Members. Additional workbooks can be ordered separately. Order on-line, or by phone at 630 505 0160 and check out our other popular DVD titles.


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