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Training & Educational Resources by Topic

WQA Training and Educational Resources are a collection of textbooks, past convention papers and presentations on technical and business topics, instructional DVDs and workbooks, and technical bulletins. Residential, Commercial, and Industrial applications of water treatment are covered.

Click on the topics below to see available materials. Papers/presentations from past conventions (prior to 2004) are available for download to WQA members, free of charge.

Note: The papers and presentations from past conventions are presented unedited. While most of the theory behind the treatment technologies has remained unchanged since the original papers were presented, some modifications in the equipment and applications have occurred. These papers are educational from a much-needed, historical perspective and should be treated as such.

Disclaimer: Although the information in these publications are believed to be accurate, the Water Quality Association disclaims any and all warranties, expressed or implied, regarding both the accuracy of that information and of its application. All contents were submitted by the author(s) and published in original manuscript form and content.


Basics of Water Treatment Technologies & Methods

Water Contaminants & Recommended Treatment

Filtration: Technologies, Methods, Materials, & Applications

Ion Exchange: Technology, Methods, Materials, & Applications

Reverse Osmosis & Other Membrane Cross-Flow Processes: Technologies, Methods, Materials, & Applications

Disinfection: Technologies, Methods, Materials, & Applications

Distillation: Technology, Methods, Materials, & Applications

Environmental Impact Assessments

Water & Treatment Product Testing & Certification

Plumbing and Hydraulics

Commercial Water Treatment: Applications & Opportunities

Controls & Monitoring

Industrial/High Purity Water Treatment: Applications & Opportunities

Business Operation Topics

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