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Carry-Over Credit Policy

To reward those in the WQA Professional Certification program who acquire more than the required number of recertification credits per 3-year cycle, the Certification Department is instituting a new carry-over credit policy, effective immediately.

At the end of the 3-year certification cycle, fifty percent of any credit acquired over the minimum requirements, 3.0 CPD for Certified Water Specialists (CWS) and Certified Contractual Operators (CCO), 2.0 CPD for the Certified Installer (CI) and Certified Sales Representative (CSR), will be carried over into the new cycle. The credit will be rounded up to the nearest 0.05 CPD. A maximum of 1.0 CPD credits may be carried over for CWS and CCO certifications, and 0.70 CPD credits for CI and CSR certifications.

For example, if a certificant has acquired 4.05 CPD but needs a minimum of 3.0 CPD, the difference is 1.05 CPD. Half of this, 0.525 is rounded up to the nearest 0.05 to equal 0.55. The result, 0.55 CPD, is carried over into the next cycle at the time of recertification. If a certificant has acquired 6.00 CPD but needs a minimum of 2.0 CPD, 0.7 CPD will be carried over.

Under the previous policy, any credit attained over the required minimum amount is nullified at the end of certificants’ 3-year cycles. The purpose of this policy was to ensure the certificants are continually updated in developments in the water treatment industry, regulations, and science.

However, the previous policy did not recognize those certificants who went beyond the minimum requirements. The new carry-over credit policy is intended to rectify this.


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Thu, Oct 17, 2019

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