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Commercial Education & Certification Program

Module 1: Commercial Sizing, Plumbing Design, and Applications NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Program Purpose
WQA's Commercial Education program teaches the methodology and water treatment technology necessary to specify a treatment system for small commercial applications. The program is intended for anyone involved in specifying and selling commercial systems and includes a commercial business-related segment for business owners.

Program Composition
The educational program consists of six technical modules. These are Commercial Sizing, Filtration, Ion Exchange, Disinfection, Reverse Osmosis and Other Crossflow Membrane Technologies, Disinfection, and Technology Integration. The final module explores system design incorporating more than one treatment technology.

The program also includes a White Paper that introduces the commercial water treatment market place and special considerations for successful operation in this market place.

Module 1: Commercial Sizing, Plumbing Design, and Applications is now available through the WQA Store

Program Materials and Delivery
Each module is packaged separately. With the exception of the Sizing Module, which is the starting point for the program, the remaining modules may be purchased in any order.

Supplementary materials, such as video recordings of module presentations, recommended technical articles, and other multi-media materials, will also be available.

Pricing of materials has not been determined at this time, but is anticipated to be in the same range as WQA's other educational texts.

Testing and Certification
A test will be available for each module. Successful completion of each test will earn a "Certificate of Completion" and 1.5 CPD recertification credits for WQA-certified personnel.

The Certified Commercial Water Specialist (CCWS) exam is expected to be available at the end of 2009. Successful completion of ALL commercial modules and their tests is required to be eligible for the certification exam.

Program Pre-Requisites
The Certified Water Specialist I (CWS-I) certification is strongly recommended before beginning the commercial education program to get the full benefit of the education. The CWS-I certification will be mandatory for anyone wishing to take the module tests and the CCWS certification exam.

The Certified Installer (CI) certification is not required, but is highly recommended, particularly for any dealerships wishing to enter the commercial marketplace who do not have a WQA Certified Installer or state-licensed plumber on staff.

For more information on the program, please contact the Education & Certification Department at 630 505 0160.


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