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E-learning over the Internet

WQA brings online education program to the POU/POE industry

Learning more about water treatment issues is as convenient as logging on to the Web.

WQA's cost-effective and convenient e-learning program offers water treatment professionals an easy way to stay current on a range of issues and earn certification credits.

There are courses for employees new to the industry as well as for more-experienced professionals.

Ion Exchange: Softening and Basic Deionization and Basic Water Chemistry are now available through our WQA Store. Take a course or quiz and get instant feedback. This system is connected with continuing education credits as well, so you can more easily maintain your certifications.

The current cost per course is $30 for WQA members and $60 for nonmembers.

Continuing education is a top priority of the WQA, and the e-learning program is a low-cost option for members to expand their industry knowledge. Because e-learning is as close as the nearest Web connection, there are no travel costs or missed work days.

Interactive Courses Merge Theory with Practice
Each WQA online course includes 30 to 45 frames featuring bulleted copy, graphs, diagrams, photos, facts, tips, and links to related Web sites and suggestions for additional reading. The courses also include interactive progress questions (multiple choice with answers revealed) as well as a final-credit quiz with immediate notification of results. A passing quiz grade will earn the student a minimum of 1.5 education hours (.15 continuing education units or CEUs) and a printable course certificate.

Course information is presented in ‘bite size’ increments, taking the student step by step through the learning process. Whether students are learning about a subject for the first time or taking a refresher course, they’ll find a wealth of information — both theoretical and practical — presented via an interactive approach.

Course offerings include:

Basic Water Chemistry — Get an overview of chemistry fundamentals related to water diagnosis and treatment. Concepts covered include an introduction to water contaminants, ions, acids, bases, and understanding water analyses.

Understanding Ion Exchange — Softening and Basic Deionization –The principles behind ion exchange are explained with an emphasis on softening and the basic concepts of deionization.

For more information about the WQA online education program, visit our WQA Store or call 630 505 0160.


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