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Posted 8/8/06

Membrane market predicted to reach $230 million by 2011

Membrane sales for food and beverage processors are expected to reach $185 million this year, and reach the $230 million mark, according to a research report, released July 26, 2006.

BCC Research's publication, Membrane Technology for Food and Beverage Processing (MST030B) forecasts an average annual growth rate of about 4.6 percent through 2011.

The report says an important trend for membranes in food and beverage manufacture relates to wastewater. "As discharge regulations stiffen and sewage surcharges escalate, the industry is being forced to look for cost-effective new treatment technology, where it formerly relied on municipal treatment plants. This option is increasingly less available because of increasing pressure to comply with discharge rulings and fewer additions of treatment capacity. Wastewater treatment using membranes also may be applied to recover process materials that would otherwise be lost," according to a BCC statement.

Manufacturers are placing increased emphasis on using membrane methods to replace functions formerly performed by chemical processing.

Competitive technologies in food and beverage processing include a variety of media filters and other separation and purification methods including centrifugation, adsorption, evaporation, distillation, pasteurization and ion exchange. In numerous industry processes, these techniques are used as complement to membrane methods. In many instances, this hybrid approach helps manufacturers ensure the quality and safety of products as required by consumers and government agencies.

For more information or to purchase Membrane Technology for Food and Beverage Processing (MST030B), visit wwww.bccresearch.com.


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