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Posted 4/25/06

Ray Cross issues a $300,000 challenge to benefit WQRF (March 26, 2006)

Long-time WQA member Ray E. Cross, Water Specialist Emeritus, gave the Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) a financial boost during WQA Aquatech USA 2006, while issuing a challenge to other WQA members.

Celebrating attendance at his 60th consecutive convention, Cross announced his decision to bequeath up to $300,000 of his estate to the WQRF Endowment Fund in the form of a challenge grant to all WQA members. For every new dollar contributed to WQRF through April 1, 2007, Cross will match it, up to $300,000.

"It has been a long held dream of mine to provide something within the water industry that will benefit all of mankind. The Water Quality Research Foundation Endowment Fund can be this lasting legacy to help protect and expand the future of the water quality improvement industry for the benefit of everyone," Cross said in a written statement released during the convention.

"My goal ... is to increase the WQRF Endowment Fund by a grand total of $600,000 and to guarantee that much-needed, ongoing funding for education and scientific research is always available,” Cross said.

He was on hand during WQA Aquatech USA’s Opening General Session, when Dr. Duane “Doc” Nowlin announced the challenge grant, and encouraged attendees to “Be generous.” Nowlin is a St. Paul, Minnesota-based consultant. A WQA member for many years, he served as president in 1988 and is now active on the WQRF Board.

After Nowlin’s remarks, staff collected $18,700 in donations. Coupled with the over $11,000 collected in conjunction with dues renewals, the tally is up to nearly $30,000 so far.

Ray Cross Challenge donors
(as of May 1, 2007)

The Ray Cross Challenge far exceeded the initial goal.

As of May 1, 2007, donations and/or pledges tallied $427,570, with contributions made by 377 donors. Coupled with the matching funds by the late Ray E. Cross, it's $727,570 for water quality research.

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  • Read Ray Cross' original letter announcing the WQRF Challenge

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