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The Power of Membership


WQA targets key audiences with a core message through:

  • Media Outreach
  • Targeted PR Campaigns
  • Consumer Awareness
  • Use of WQA Logo in Your Marketing

WQA serves as the voice of the industry and a key source of information to media outlets nationwide. WQA fields hundreds of media inquiries each year and actively initiates positive media coverage of important topics promoting the industry. WQA’s not-for-profit status provides independent, third-party information to your potential customers and to the public at large.

The use of WQA logos in your marketing materials distinguishes you from others in the marketplace and assures customers of your adherence to the highest industry standards. Use of the WQA logos enhances your credibility to your customers and prospects.

Join or renew your membership today!
Simply complete the Application for Membership and mail, fax or e-mail with payment, or contact WQA at 630 505 0160.


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