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Lead Generation


WQA creates an interactive Internet resource for members and consumers through:

WQA’s FIND A WATER PROFESSIONAL feature allows potential customers to search for manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in their area. This powerful interactive marketing tool lists every member – searchable by company name, state, ZIP code, or country.

Dealers and Manufacturer/Supplier members tell WQA that this exclusive member benefit has become an invaluable service – well worth WQA’s membership dues alone.

Fast Facts:

WQA's Web site is a top 5 Google! search contender and the only .org site when searching for key phrases like "water quality"

WQA's FIND A WATER PROFESSIONAL feature on www.wqa.org receives:

  • More than 8,800 unique views a day
  • More than 308,000 print impressions a month
  • and more than 6,800 click-throughs to companies with Web site addresses. (Your membership listing with WQA rewards you with a hot link to your Web site and a map to your location.)

To find out how many hits your company received, contact WQA

In addition to providing the latest industry news to members, the WQA Web site provides the public with a wealth of easy-to-access information on water treatment options. The site’s growing library of technical information on all aspects of the industry is a valuable resource for consumers, members, and educators. The site also includes a list of Gold Seal-awarded products.

Join or renew your membership today!
Simply complete the Application for Membership and mail, fax or e-mail with payment, or contact WQA at 630 505 0160.

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