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WQA quoted in Organic Style magazine
Posted 08/18/04

.....Name recognition for WQA members got "out there" again in a national magazine. Organic Style magazine, which targets women decision-makers, covers home, food, health, travel, fashion & beauty.
.....The September, 2004 issue features the superb, comprehensive article Is Your Drinking Water Safe? How You Can Tell, What You Can Do. In it, contaminants such as MTBE, Bacteria, Arsenic and Lead are discussed. There is also a map of the US with numerous cities' water supplies graded.
.....WQA is described and Pete Censky is quoted in a full sidebar story titled Water Fit to Drink, which talks about installing a filter to ensure both better taste and safety. The story also pulls data gleaned from the 2004 Consumer Data Survey, noting that more than half of all consumers believe their water isn't safe.
.....Censky notes that although the EPA requires cities to meet EPA safety levels—the MCL—those standards are likely not enough, "A good water filter can bridge the gap. Filters can reduce contaminant levels in household drinking water, bringing it much closer to reaching health goals" [the MCLG].
.....This "gap", the difference between the MCL, a compromise level set by economics and technology availability, and the MCLG, what health professionals would like to see, is key to our industry’s message to the public.
.....The "gap" message is one that you will see again and again in WQA publications and in national and international stories about water quality and the POU/POE industry.
.....It's a strong marketing message that speaks to consumers desire for better tasting and safer water without resorting to unethical claims about city water supplies.


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