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The Water Quality Association : WQA Staff

WQA Staff

Peter J. Censky
Executive Director

Peggy Blazek
Member Relations Manager/Copy Editor

Emily Bolda, CWS-VI
Laboratory Manager

Tana Brady, CWS-VI, CI
 Product Testing Laboratory Supervisor

Katie Brisick, CWS-VI
Data Verification Specialist

Bibha Dahal, CWS-VI
Laboratory Analyst II

Brian Donda, CWS-VI
Gold Seal & Exhibit Sales Manager

Tina Fischer, CWS-VI
Product Certification Supervisor

Amanda Fisher (previously Thomas), CWS-VI
Product Certification Supervisor

Margit Fotré
Director of Membership & Marketing

Suzie Grahovac
Certification Assistant

Amy Griesbaum, CWS-VI, CI
Laboratory Analyst III
Megan Griffin
Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Maggie Hartung, CWS-VI
Product Certification Coordinator

John Hoffman

Dean Jarog
Product Certification Coordinator 

Becky Jones, CWS-VI
Product Certification Administrator

Charles Jones, CWS-VI
Laboratory Technician

Wayne H. Jorgensen, CPA

Piotr Kadela
Facility/Payables Coordinator

Angelique Kepshire, CWS-VI
Quality Officer

Sue Kim, CWS-VI
Product Certification Coordinator

Kevin Kons, CWS-VI
Product Certification Coordinator

Glen Kosowski, CWS-VI
Facility Assessment Manager

Daniel LeBlanc, Jr., CWS-VI
Inventory/Shipping Clerk

Hye Lee, CWS-VI
Analytical Chemist

David Loveday
Director of Government Affairs & Communications

Tanya Lubner, PhD
Director of Education

Bryan McDermand, CWS-I
Quality Assurance Assistance

Stuart Mann, CWS-VI
Product Certification Coordinator

Marissa Malinski, CWS-VI
Product Certification Coordinator

Lynn Mathers
Operations Coordinator

Thomas Palkon, CWS-VI
Director of Product Certification

Anne K. Parissidi
Educational Program Coordinator

Eric Puzon, CWS-VI
Facility Assessor

Amy Reichel, CWS-VI
Sales Associate

Kevin Ruhrup, CWS-VI, CI
Facility Assessor

Ann Schleinz, CWS-VI
Product Certification Coordinator

Caren Settler (previously Mendelsohn), CWS-VI
Product Certification Coordinator

Melissa Stanley, CWS-VI
Product Certification Coordinator

Lourdes Tagle

Kelley Thompson
Public Affairs & Trade Show Coordinator

Pauli Undesser, CWS-VI
Director of Regulatory and Technical Affairs
Gold Seal Toxicology Manager

Mark T. Unger, CWS-VI
Technical Manager

Lori Watkins, CWS-VI
Marketing & Events Manager

Jessica Wilkins, CWS-I
LIMS Administrator

Eric Yeggy, CWS-VI
 Business Development Manager

Cindy Zeb, CWS-VI
Product Certification Coordinator

Sarah Zrout, CWS-VI
Quality Manager

Regu P. Regunathan, PhD
ReguNathan Associates, Inc. Wheaton, IL

Technical Services Consultant

Simon Ding or to Simon at CHC
Independent Sales Representative for Water Quality Association - Shanghai

Peter Lin or to Peter at CHC
Independent Sales Representative for Water Quality Association - Shanghai

Dr. K. Chandrasekhar Ph.D. or to Chandu at
Independent India Operations Representative for Water Quality Association - Delhi

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