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Board of Governors
Board of Directors


Cedella Beazley
Dow Water & Process Solutions
Edina, MN

Frank A. Brigano, PhD
KX Technologies LLC
West Haven, CT

Randy S. Eddinger, CWS-VI
Suburban Water Tech/Suburban EcoWater
Gilbertsville, PA

Ronald Edwards, CWS-I
Hague Quality Water of Marland
Annapolis, MD

Anthony Frost
Aqua Focus Limited
Newport Shropshire, UK

Gil Gibson
DS Waters of America, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

Cindy Gresham, CWS-I
Thermax Inc.
Dade City, FL

Kurt Gruett, CWS-I
Water-Right, Inc./WaterCare/Mineral-Right, Inc.
Appleton, WI

Robert A. Hague, CWS-VI
Hague Quality Water International
Groveport, OH

David E. Hawkins, CWS-III
WQA Governor-At-Large

Hawkins Water Tech., Inc.
Middlebury, IN

Douglas Horner
Eastlake, OH

Shamus Hurley
Kinetico Incorporated
Newbury, OH

H. Martin Jessen
Rayne Corporation
Foutain Hills, AZ

Douglas "Sam" Karge
WQA Treasurer

Brookfield, WI

Robert Maisner
WQA Governor-At-Large

Watts Water Quality
Peoria, AZ

Donald K. McGhee, CWS-VI
WQA Governors-At-Large
Hydro Systems, Inc.
Harlingen, TX

Richard Mest
WQA Vice President

Master Water Conditioning
Pottstown, PA

Kelly Parks
Aqua-Man Water Conditioning
Boerne, TX

Michael Schaefer, CWS-VI
Culligan Water Conditioning
Herculaneum, MO

Bret P. Tangley, CWS-VI
WQA Secretary

Sterling Water, Inc.
Eau Claire, WI

Michael Urbans CWS-II
Res-Kem General Water
Aston, PA

Denise Urbans, CWS-I
WQA Immediate Past President

Res-Kem General Water
Media, PA

Stephen Ver Strat
Access Business Group LLC
Ada, MI

Dar Watts, CWS-V
WQA President

American Aqua Incorporated
Saline, MI

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