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Product Testing — Not Just for Certification

WQA administers testing for a multitude of different applications and purposes in addition to product certification:

  • Pre-testing products prior to undergoing certification allows manufacturers to "work the bugs out" before submitting products for certification. This helps manufacturers and engineers make decisions on the implementation or modification of manufacturing processes for product development.

  • Manufacturers use the WQA’s laboratory for all types of product testing to a variety of domestic and international standards as well as specific manufacturer’s protocols. The WQA laboratory is multifunctional, providing testing for prototypes, product modifications, and product studies.

  • The WQA laboratory is a state of the art testing facility with extensive analytical and performance capabilities. If WQA cannot immediately facilitate a test, recognized testing laboratory agreements have been established. Recognized testing laboratories increase the WQA's capabilities and efficiency of product testing as well as broaden the scope of Gold Seal testing services.

  • WQA welcomes the opportunity to provide clients with confidential, reliable, and most importantly, accurate and universally acceptable test data. If desired, preliminary testing may be utilized toward product certification.

Contact WQA for testing inquiries at info@mail.wqa.org.


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